Transcript of Video: I’m a firm believer that if you receive any kind of training or knowledge you would build a sense of confidence in your decision making. So when I wanted to start my business I actually put it on hold because I was lacking some knowledge and confidence.  It wasn’t as simple as just setting up your business and then let’s go!  No, it was more like I needed to get this and this and that.  Basically a list of things.  California there’s a lot of laws, for example. Whew!

I was stuck on a few topics like do I go with Sole Proprietor or LLC? I’ve discovered that it wasn’t that simple. Oh and writing a business plan, funny none!   So I signed up for the Yantern business class. It was from those classes that I was able to pick up on all of the little things that I needed to know as an entrepreneur. Not only that, it was in a group setting so there was of alot of exchanging of information and they as entrepreneurs themselves have brought a wealth of information to us as well.
Melody and Russ Stein brought so much information that we didn’t want the classes to end, time flew by!  We were like nooooo!  But we had to wait until the next class.  

Information that was shared were applicable to current situations or trends whereas other workshops that I have attended I would be like OK so how does this apply to the current issue? I ended up putting it in the back of my mind for later but over time everything that I’ve learned would fade away
But with Yantern everything was applicable NOW.   I had such a long list of things in my notebook.  

It was really worth it.   It was worth my time in attending and my time is valuable.


Tiffany Ruffa

HR Bloom

Transcript of Video: I’m thrilled to share my experience of working with Yantern. I’ve used their consulting services to help navigate in the journey of my business. I’ve decided to launch an online boutique which could have been overwhelming and frustrating with the steps I would need to take such as taxes, licenses, regulation, finance and so forth. But with Yantern providing suggestions and tips, my experience has become easier. Now I feel more confident with my new business. Russ and Melody shared their experiences dealing with issues and Deaf related rights. After learning those tips, I skipped over and avoided these situations. For those who are starting their own business or are currently running a business and need some coaching or consultation, investing in Yantern is worthwhile.


Nikki Reineck

Sisters in Style

Hi, I’m Sam Sepah. I just finished participating in a webinar presented by Yantern platform with Russ & Melody Stein. I have to say….it was AMAZING!! The reason I say this is because it was nice to see all their information combined with the experience they’ve encountered along the way as business owners. It was nice to network and share ideas, instantly and directly with you! LIVE!

This face to face format in a short amount of time, in an hour surprisingly provided me with a wealth of information. This Deaf to Deaf webinar experience was quite powerful with advices that were to me the most beneficial.
In most cases when we are in search of a Deaf expert, Deaf leader, Deaf specialist that’s proficient in a specific area, it’s not the easiest to find. They usually live too far, or we don’t know whom to connect with, or where to begin looking. If we do locate one, to nail down a coffee chat is next to impossible due to scheduling conflicts. Or sometimes we’d email and wait for a response and when they do reply, we’d email back and so on…which could take a while. This hinders the accelerated learning process.

Yantern, going LIVE with their webinar platform allows you to have direct interaction with these Deaf experts is incredible!! Instantaneously you’re visually learning. You can learn more about business ideas, available resources, personal growth in seconds! Their wealth of knowledge is interchangeably shared for your benefit.

I personally own a deaf related HR (human resource) consulting business for the past 10 years. I am familiar with my profession but through participating, I’ve learned not one, not two, not three but a multitude of information. I’ve learned something! Whether you’re experienced or brand new at this, this can benefit you. A singular important information can transform your career or it can change your business plan. The Deaf person’s wisdom can bear into something so valuable and rich. Grab an opportunity to participate in the Yantern platform and LEARN!!


Sam Sepah

Lead Accessibility Research Product Manager, Google

I love the webinar being done via zoom component.  I especially appreciate the fact that resources are given, i.e. the name of a willing former gym owner to give us the idea of whether owning a gym is feasible at this time or later after we complete simpler business ideas first to build capital. I love how you both balance each other, with Russ’ enthusiasm and knowledge and Melody’s articulate and precise facts as well as head full of in-the-know regarding business plans, laws, and the like. I love the fact that you both encourage us to connect with the other webinar attendees to build like-minded community/deaf ecosystem.  I love the fact that you have partnered with LLC resources to ensure accessibility for deaf prospective business owners to support the community further.

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 2.04.10 PM

Dina Rae Padden

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