Testimonial from Sam Sepah

Hi, I’m Sam Sepah. I just finished participating in a webinar presented by Yantern platform with Russ & Melody Stein. I have to say….it was AMAZING!! The reason I say this is because it was nice to see all their information combined with the experience they’ve encountered along the way as business owners. It was nice to network and share ideas, instantly and directly with you! LIVE!

This face to face format in a short amount of time, in an hour surprisingly provided me with a wealth of information. This Deaf to Deaf webinar experience was quite powerful with advices that were to me the most beneficial.
In most cases when we are in search of a Deaf expert, Deaf leader, Deaf specialist that’s proficient in a specific area, it’s not the easiest to find. They usually live too far, or we don’t know whom to connect with, or where to begin looking. If we do locate one, to nail down a coffee chat is next to impossible due to scheduling conflicts. Or sometimes we’d email and wait for a response and when they do reply, we’d email back and so on…which could take a while. This hinders the accelerated learning process.

Yantern, going LIVE with their webinar platform allows you to have direct interaction with these Deaf experts is incredible!! Instantaneously you’re visually learning. You can learn more about business ideas, available resources, personal growth in seconds! Their wealth of knowledge is interchangeably shared for your benefit.

I personally own a deaf related HR (human resource) consulting business for the past 10 years. I am familiar with my profession but through participating, I’ve learned not one, not two, not three but a multitude of information. I’ve learned something! Whether you’re experienced or brand new at this, this can benefit you. A singular important information can transform your career or it can change your business plan. The Deaf person’s wisdom can bear into something so valuable and rich. Grab an opportunity to participate in the Yantern platform and LEARN!!

Lead Accessibility Research Product Manager, Google
Sam Sepah
Lead Accessibility Research Product Manager, Google