Testimonial from Tiffany Ruffa

Transcript of Video: I’m a firm believer that if you receive any kind of training or knowledge you would build a sense of confidence in your decision making. So when I wanted to start my business I actually put it on hold because I was lacking some knowledge and confidence.  It wasn’t as simple as just setting up your business and then let’s go!  No, it was more like I needed to get this and this and that.  Basically a list of things.  California there’s a lot of laws, for example. Whew!

I was stuck on a few topics like do I go with Sole Proprietor or LLC? I’ve discovered that it wasn’t that simple. Oh and writing a business plan, funny none!   So I signed up for the Yantern business class. It was from those classes that I was able to pick up on all of the little things that I needed to know as an entrepreneur. Not only that, it was in a group setting so there was of alot of exchanging of information and they as entrepreneurs themselves have brought a wealth of information to us as well.
Melody and Russ Stein brought so much information that we didn’t want the classes to end, time flew by!  We were like nooooo!  But we had to wait until the next class.  

Information that was shared were applicable to current situations or trends whereas other workshops that I have attended I would be like OK so how does this apply to the current issue? I ended up putting it in the back of my mind for later but over time everything that I’ve learned would fade away
But with Yantern everything was applicable NOW.   I had such a long list of things in my notebook.  

It was really worth it.   It was worth my time in attending and my time is valuable.

HR Bloom
Tiffany Ruffa
HR Bloom